Google Developers

Google wants you as a developer to succeed building great products and experiences on the web and on mobile. 

On you can find all the great resources they have created over the years that will help you do just that with AngularJS, Android, Chrome and Maps. Just to name a few.


Introducing modern.IE, a set of tools and resources from Microsoft to help you support modern and older versions of Internet Explorer. Download Virtual Machines for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Test your site on different browsers and scan your site for common coding patterns that could cause compatibility issues. Spend less time testing, and more time building what’s next.



Mozilla has been a pioneer and advocate for the Web for more than a decade. We create and promote open standards that enable innovation and advance the Web as a platform for all. Today, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use Mozilla Firefox to experience the Web on computers, tablets and mobile devices. With Firefox OS and Firefox Marketplace, Mozilla is driving a new mobile ecosystem that is built entirely on open Web standards, freeing mobile providers, developers and end users from the limitations and restrictions imposed by proprietary platforms.