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Tim Park

"The Rise of 'Things'" 

"Pointing Forward"

Tim is an Engineer in Residence with the Microsoft Accelerators in Seattle, Tel Aviv, and Bangalore, where he helps startups use open platforms on the Windows Azure cloud platform. Previously, he was part of Nest Labs, an “internet of things” startup focused on building an energy efficient home.  Before coding, he aspires to brew a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.



Emily Stark

"Meteor: Under the hood of a full-stack framework for building pure JavaScript apps" 

Emily is a core developer at Meteor, an open-source platform for building realtime Javascript web applications. Emily joined Meteor from academia, where her research contributions spanned several topics in security and cryptography. As an undergraduate at Stanford, Emily coauthored SJCL, a JavaScript public- and private-key cryptography library that is highly optimized for speed and code size. 



Charlie Crane

"Building fast scalable game server in node.js" 

Charlie is a senior engineer, architect from NetEase Inc., one of the biggest network companies in China. He's enthusiastic at open source technology, especially distributed web, game architecture and node.js. Recently he and his team open sourced the pomelo framework, which is a fast, scalable, distributed game server framework for node.js. 



Alex Dickson

"Emulating with JavaScript" 

Alex is a front end web developer living in Sydney, Australia and working for Atlassian. He enjoys tinkering with computer software and hardware, and especially where they converge. When there is time to spare, he enjoys exploring the outdoors and drumming.



Jakob Mattsson

"Automated CSS Testing - Not just a myth" 

Jakob is an entrepreneur. His current company, which he co-founded as CTO, is the third startup on his resume. He is a developer at heart and started out building games using C++, but ended up building web based services and fell in love with JavaScript. Lately he has also become a Node.js aficionado. When not coding he can usually be found learning or practicing a new skill or hobby, like playing the guitar, surfing, snowboarding, biking or solving rubik's cube.



John Britton

"Ops for Everyone" 

John is a developer and community builder active in open source and education. As Education Liaison at GitHub he's working to improve computer science education by bringing the principles of open source into the classroom. He has organized events such as Open Everything and Mozilla Drumbeat in service of the open source community. As a founding volunteer of Peer 2 Peer University, John has offered two free and open online courses: "Mashing Up the Web" and "Web 200: Anatomy of a Request."



Michal Budzynski

"Once upon a time, somewhere between your console and browser" 

Michal is a front line Mercenary in the FirefoxOS army, fighting to make the web a better place. He loves Tabasco and is addicted to TV shows of all kind. He is the guy behind onGameStart, the worlds first and biggest HTML5 game conference, and works on organising the first JavaScript conference in Antarctica.




Simon Swain

"Data-flow Processing for Node.JS with Straw" 

Simon has been building the web since the days of Netscape 1.0. With this much of data-driven web development background he has recently been engineering real-time data capture and delivery systems with node. On the side he produces Techno, lifts weights and researches computer arcana.



JP de Guzman

"Fun with WebSockets" 

JP is the Chief Creative and Founder of Rain, a Manila-based web design agency. He loves to use the web as a storytelling tool. He tinkers with Node.js & Socket.io on his free time. He wrote his own CSS Pre-processor and created his own brand of notebook. A workhorse by day, babysitter by night.



Brian Chirls

"Getting Serious with Web Video" 

Brian is a creative developer based in New York City, focused on interactive video. His background is in applying technology in as diverse fields as construction, finance and independent film. He is a contributor to Popcorn.js and the creator of Seriously.js, an open source, real-time video compositing system. Brian is the lead video developer at HapYak, an interactive video startup.



Shi Chuan

"Web Movements in China" 

Shi Chuan may be best known for his projects JavaScript Patterns and the Mobile Boilerplate as well as his contributions to HTML5 Boilerplate and his book 'The HTML5 Mobile Development Cookbook'. He now runs an online wedding platform from Beijing after he left OgilvyOne's digital arm and co-founded a business-oriented mobile app company and ads consulting firm.



Alex MacCaw

"A JavaScript Web App Deconstructed"

Alex enjoys round the world trips, writing books and hacking on MVC frameworks. He enjoys round the world trips, writing books and hacking on MVC frameworks. Alex is the author behind the O'Reilly book 'JavaScript web applications' has been a developer at Twitter and Stripe and maintains many side projects like monocle.io or spine.js.




Lea Verou

"CSS in the 4th dimension: Not your daddy’s CSS animations" 

Lea previously worked as a Developer Advocate at W3C and currently spends her days writing & designing her first book (“CSS Secrets”), published with O’Reilly in 2014. She has a long-standing passion for open web standards and is bloggingspeakingwriting, and coding popular open source projects to help fellow developers. She is an Invited Expert in the CSS Working Group, which architects the language itself. Although she holds a BSc in Computer Science, Lea is one of the few misfits who love code and design equally.




Ricardo Cabello


Ricardo is a self-taught computer-graphics programmer from Barcelona, Cabello. His work ranges from simple interactive digital toys — Google Gravity, Ball Pool and Harmony — to full featured experiences — The Johnny Cash Project, The Wilderness Downtown and ROMENowadays, Ricardo spends most of his time developing open source libraries and tools — three.js, frame.js and stats.js — making design and development simpler for everyone.



Eiji Kitamura

"Making The Mobile Web Site Faster" 

Eiji is a Developer Advocate for Chrome at Google. Eiji works closely with web application developers, helping them understand HTML5, open web technologies, WebStore, Developer Tools and others. Before joining Google, he has been specialised in technologies that make the web more social.




Vikram Verma

"Declarative Web Scraping" 

Vi helps Singapore based web-data startup Krake. He likes math, functional programming, and security.




Anand Agrawal

"Bridging the gap between mobile platforms" 

Anand is a long-time developer at ThoughtWorks Technologies and has worked in small and large scale Agile projects. He is a full stack engineer primarily working with Ruby on Rails and also mobile apps on Android and cross domain. Based in Singapore he's recently been working on Calatrava, a mobile cross platform framework.



Andy Hall

"Server-side Node.js programming with.. Photoshop??"

Andy is a developer evangelist for Adobe Japan, focused on gaming, Flash, HTML5, and web standards. He’s been building web content since the mid-90s, and is most interested in the grey areas between code and design, like programmatic animation and designer-developer workflows. He speaks regularly at conferences, user groups, and game studios, and spends most of the rest of his time blogging at aphall.com.



Pete Hunt

"React: Rethinking Best Practices" 

Pete is a member of the React core team at Facebook and also the sole engineer on Instagram.com. He has also designed and implemented the video encode backend infrastructure for Facebook and Instagram and computer vision infrastructure and general front-end web engineering for Facebook photos. Pete likes to play guitar and rock climbing when he is not hacking.






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