• H2O Hotel (map)
  • Parade Avenue
  • Ciudad de Manila, NCR
  • Filipinas

We hope you were cautious with the beers at the hotel bar last night as we continue with a long day of JS and web development talks throughout day 2 of JSConf.Asia. More great people, more great food, coffee, drinks and WiFi. And then... JSOut!


Day #2 Schedule

9am Getting Serious with Web-Video Brian Chirls
9:45am Web War in China Shi Chuan
10:30am .coffee compilation
10:45am Once Upon A Time Somewhere Between Your Console And Browser Michal Budzynski
11:30am Declarative Web Scraping Vikram Verma
12:15pm Lunch = require(‘app’).etite();
1pm Meteor: A Full-Stack Framework for Building Pure JavaScript Apps Emily Stark
1:45pm Fun With Sockets JP de Guzman
2:30pm Pointing Forward Tim Park
3pm Show & Tell - Register on November 28th
4pm Building Fast Scalable Game-Server in Node.JS Charlie Crane
4:45pm Emulating with JavaScript Alex Dickson
5:30pm Frame.js MrDoob Ricardo Cabello
6:15pm Onwards and Upwards Thomas Gorissen
6:30pm JSOut AfterParty Electronic Beats Drinks Pool Jacuzzi Awesome Bring Friends dot js