• H2O Hotel (map)
  • Parade Avenue
  • Ciudad de Manila, NCR
  • Filipinas

3, 2, 1, go! After a short welcome, we'll dive right into our one track of amazingness! While the talks happen in the Pacific room of the H2O Hotel, the Seaport room offers you a place to get some coffee and get hands-on with ideas and technologies you've encountered. Go deep into web development, use our free and fast WiFi and maybe check out all the fun offers of the amazing venue (Sea Lion show anyone?)


Day #1 Schedule

9am Mabuhay Thomas Gorissen
9:15am The Rise Of Things Tim Park
10am Making the Mobile Web Site Faster Eiji Kitamura
10:45am Coffee break
11am CSS in the 4th Dimension: Not Your Daddy's CSS Animations Lea Verou
11:45am A JavaScript Web App Deconstructed Alex MacCaw
12:30pm H2O Lunch Buffet
1:15pm Server-side Node.js Programming with.. Photoshop? Andy Hall
2pm Ops for Everyone John Britton
2:45pm Automated CSS Testing Jakob Mattsson
3:30pm Coffee break...point source mapping
3:45pm Bridging the Gap Between Mobile Platforms Anand Agrawal
4:30pm Straw - Dataflow Processing for Node.js Simon Swain
5:15pm React: Rethinking Best Practices Pete Hunt