So, it's becoming the season of the year in which the JSConf.Asia tickets bloom.  The official ticket price to join us on our amazing 2 day trip is 19,500 PhP (560 SGD). As we expect demand to be quite high, we decided to sell the tickets online in chunks and only on the following four days (here's a Google Calendar):

  • Monday, September 9th, 6pm PHT
  • Thursday, September 26th, 9pm PHT
  • Tuesday, October 8th, 3pm PHT

The first sale will therefor already start next week with a limited number of tickets and will only be available for people with access to a credit-card or PayPal account! We're also thinking of doing an offline cash sale at the Manila.JS event in October and would love to get your feedback on that in the comments below.

Where ever you're from in Southeast Asia, you might want to check with your local JavaScript user-group as we are giving away a limited amount of discount codes to those. Make sure you use those in an early sale before they are all snitched up. ;-)

If you're interested in purchasing 5 or more tickets (and only then) we offer corporate discounts, if you contact us at [email protected].

That's it for now! The entire JSConf.Asia team is looking forward to see you in November! :)

 Update: We removed the last flash-sale as we have opened our ticket sales until November 14th now or as long as supply lasts! Go get your ticket!