"There are creative things Sockets can do aside from chat. Being able to do things in real-time opens a lot of possibilities - imagine multi-device integration and second screen experience. This is creative driven in its core - nothing boring or nose bleeding. My talk revolves around great things I learned from my failed experiments, to real live applications using sockets. My goal is to spark inspiration, make it relatable and easily applicable."

JP is the Chief Creative and Founder of Rain, a Manila-based web design agency. He loves to use the web as a storytelling tool. He tinkers with Node.js & Socket.io on his free time. He wrote his own CSS Pre-processor and created his own brand of notebook. A workhorse by day, babysitter by night.


 JSConf.Asia is the JavaScript, web and mobile developer conference for Asia. Hotel H2O and Manila Ocean Park, Philippines - 28 + 29 November 2013.

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