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"At GitHub, system administration is a first class citizen. Changes are collaboratively developed, peer reviewed, revision controlled, and ship with tests. Automation isn't just for production; we apply the same techniques to our individual developer workstations. In this talk, I'll give you a sneak peek into how a GitHub developer experiences Ops. We'll start with setting up a new machine using Boxen and jump right into the specifics of how to deploy and ship a new feature using the 'ChatOps' shared command line. I will show you how we deploy configuration changes to individual and groups of hosts. We'll finish up with a look at how GitHub instruments application performance and exceptions to make it easy to spot newly introduced issues."

John is a developer and community builder active in open source and education. As Education Liaison at GitHub he's working to improve computer science education by bringing the principles of open source into the classroom. He has organized events such as Open Everything and Mozilla Drumbeat in service of the open source community. As a founding volunteer of Peer 2 Peer University, John has offered two free and open online courses: "Mashing Up the Web" and "Web 200: Anatomy of a Request."


JSConf.Asia is the JavaScript, web and mobile developer conference for Asia. Hotel H2O and Manila Ocean Park, Philippines - 28 + 29 November 2013.

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