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"You have some kind of test suite for your web app, so you know the features work. But does it look right? You fire up half a dozen virtual machines and open your drawer with five different mobile devices in it to check it out. The lack of automation in that is embarrassing.
Some people say that you can't test HTML/CSS. I'd like to show you the opposite. You can automate testing visual layout, refactor your CSS with confidence and get rid of this pain. You understand why. Let's talk about how."

Jakob is an entrepreneur. His current company, which he co-founded as CTO, is the third startup on his resume. He is a developer at heart and started out building games using C++, but ended up building web based services and fell in love with JavaScript. Lately he has also become a Node.js aficionado. When not coding he can usually be found learning or practicing a new skill or hobby, like playing the guitar, surfing, snowboarding, biking or solving rubik's cube.


JSConf.Asia is the JavaScript, web and mobile developer conference for Asia. Hotel H2O and Manila Ocean Club, Philippines - 28 + 29 November 2013.

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