"Meteor is an open-source full-stack framework for building modern web applications. Apps written in this style -- like Google Plus and the photo browser in Facebook -- have rich and engaging interfaces because they send data over the network instead of HTML and run most of their code inside the browser. Meteor makes it possible to write applications this way in a fraction of the time, using a single language and unified API for all of your code. In this talk, I will live code a Meteor app from scratch, and dive into how some of Meteor's advanced features work under the hood, including reactivity, publications, subscriptions, and latency compensation."

Emily is a core developer at Meteor, an open-source platform for building realtime Javascript web applications. Emily joined Meteor from academia, where her research contributions spanned several topics in security and cryptography. As an undergraduate at Stanford, Emily coauthored SJCL, a JavaScript public- and private-key cryptography library that is highly optimized for speed and code size. 


JSConf.Asia  is the JavaScript, web and mobile developer conference for Asia. Hotel H2O and Manila Ocean Park, Philippines - 28 + 29 November 2013.



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